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Halloween Working Mom Style: Last weekend we got into the Halloween Spirit!

Reilly's Summer Seat Farm

Working moms have to maximize their time. We often think about maximizing time at work, but we have to maximize our free time as well. One way to do that is to be intentional about the time that we spend with our kids. If you're not careful, housework will consume you...

I recently wrote about how to make the ordinary extraordinary. (To read that post click here.) Last week, I buried my godmother who was a great influence on me. And it reminded me that  life is fragile and there are no guarantees. And sometimes, it is nice to do something truly special.

The fall is one of my favorite times of year because it is easy to find special events to enjoy in Pittsburgh! Also, my daughter's birthday is in September. My birthday is in November and Halloween is in the middle. So, we have lots of opportunities for fun.

Having fun at Pumpkin Fest
Besides the birthday celebrations, one of my favorite fall traditions is going to the pumpkin patch with my family. We began taking our daughter when she was two. We've gone every year since, but last year we missed it because the baby was too little.

Pumpkin Fest was a great treat for city kids...

At Pumpkin Fest
This year though. He is older and he is all about our traditions! On Saturday, the kids and I attended the Pumpkin Festival in East Park and had a great time. It was a surprise treat to have a country festival in the city, but we took full advantage! The girl did an obstacle course, jumped on hay stacks, and we all rode on the train. The baby hadn't had a nap. So, he was mellow and content to watch his sister run around while he just chilled.

The kids at the event, including my daughter, seemed really surprised that the normally boring East Park had been transformed into a Halloween wonderland complete with a make shift pumpkin farm, a petting zoo, and two moon bounces. The folks at Citiparks should really be commended for bringing the experience that is enjoyed by families who are able to leave the city to visit pumpkin farms to those who might lack those resources.

Pumpkin Fest was such a great event that I hope that they make it an annual affair. I would definitely attend every year. Thanks to Muffy Mendoza of Brown Mamas to informing me about this fun family, friendly event!

Reilly's Summer Seat Farm is a great time!

Because we just can't get enough of Halloween themed fun, on Sunday we ventured to the country and visited Reilly's Summer Seat Farm. Even though we arrived later than we wanted to because we're us, we had a great time. Our great time was enhanced because another mom gave us tickets that we could use to participate in events. (NOTE TO OTHER MOMS: If you visit this farm, be sure to take some cash. Most of the fun stuff costs money and your kid will likely want to participate!) One thing that doesn't require a ticket is the HUGE slide, which is funny because that was the biggest attraction for my kids.)

Indeed, they rode it multiple times and had to be bribed to stop. (Please don't judge me!) As you can see, my husband loved it too.

I know that families have their own fall traditions. Based on the smiles on my kids faces, I recommend that you give pumpkin farms a shot. I know it's not an original idea. However, do it anyway. It's lots of fun!!!

Commemorate milestones at Reilly Summer Seat Farm  

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Reilly Summer Seat Farm-North Hills
Simmons Farm--Located south of the city in McMurray, PA. 
Triple B Farms—Located in Monongahela, PA.
Norman's Orchard--Located in Normantown, PA.
Half Crown Hill Orchard--Located in McDonald, PA.
Soergel's—Located in Wexford, PA.  
Traz Farms—Located in Finleyville, PA.  
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