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Wordless Wednesday (not really): Discovering Evereve a/k/a My Trip to Galleria Mall (Part 2) #Momspiration

Evereve (Loved this multicultural advertisement)
Last weekend, I had an amazing experience. I ventured out to the Galleria Mall for the Winter Expo I had been invited as a blogger to promote the event. However, while I was at the mall I had a an incredible shopping experience.

Imagine walking into a clothing store and being greeted by a sales clerk who asks your kids if they'd like to play. She then proceeds to lead them to a play table and they amuse themselves for over 30 minutes, in eyesight, while you peacefully shop. This is not a fantasy mommy friends.  This is Evereve.
Evereve  #Momspiration 

Evereve is a clothing store that caters to women aged 25 to 55, with a strong focus on stylish, fashion-forward clothes. I was drawn to the store for the clothes in the window, but I'll return for the experience. I cannot explain how nice it was to shop in peace. Indeed, we were on our way out of the mall because the baby was too disruptive at Gymboree. I actually threw down what I was thinking about buying because he ran out of the store--protesting his sheer boredom from being forced to shop.

Kids playing at Evereve

Evereve was different though. The store has crayons, paper, snacks and water--for free. It also lets the kids draw on the mirrors with dry erase marker. It is a genius idea that makes shopping a dream! My kids didn't even want to leave the store. So yes, I experienced shopping nirvana. I was a the mall with my kids, shopped leisurely, and had a great time. The only thing that would have made it better is if I had thought of this concept!
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