My Biggest Blog News Yet, Being a Part of Disney Social Media Moms (#DisneySMMC)

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” –Walt Disney 

There’s news. Then there is let’s go crazy Prince-style type of news. Today, I have the second kind of news. I notified my friends on Facebook about my news, but I didn’t identify it. (Click here to see that Facebook exchange.) I encouraged my friends to guess. I assume that because I am ambitious and have had two babies in the last five years, the guesses tended to be “You’ve gotten promoted.” “You’ve gotten a new job.” OR “You’re having a third baby.”

Enjoying Magic Kingdom a few years ago

Well, none of my friends are right. I’d be glad to have gotten promoted, quite frankly, I deserve it. However, that hasn't happened.  Although I have made some entrepreneurial connections, I do not have a new job. And even though we’d be thrilled with news about a baby, as far as I know, we have not created another one.

That said, my friends' guesses have inspired me. Perhaps, I'll have more news to share soon...

It's a Small World after all

Being a Part Disney Social Media Moms is a Dream Come True 

So, you may be wondering, what could I share that’s news worthy. And no, we haven’t gotten a puppy. First, I’m not really down with animals in my personal space. Also, I am keenly aware that I have neither the time nor the inclination to care for a dog.  Still, we do have something to celebrate. We are going to the most magical place on earth. We are going to Disney World!

Disney Social Media Mom Perk: Me and My New Suitcase
Now going to Disney World is exciting for any family. However, this trip is a dream come true for me. As you can see, we have visited Disney World before, (Click here to read about our prior visit) but this time we are going as VIPs. This time we are going because I have the good fortune of being selected as a "Disney Social Media Mom". I am super excited about it. When I attended BlogHer 2012 I saw that a private event was being hosted for the "Disney Social Media Moms" and longed to be included. I even mentioned it to my buddy, Maria. So, this is a bit of a coup.

I cannot wait to arrive at Disney World and to experience all that this experience has to offer my family. If the nice luggage I received is any indication, they will be treating us quite well.  I know you may have some questions about how were you selected, how does this work, and what does this really mean. I can address those all in a separate post. For now though, I hope you celebrate with me and let the pixie dust permeate through your screen.