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Working Mom Reflections: Returning From Vacation

A day at the office

“You’re one kid’s flu away from balance going out the window, no matter how fine-tuned you think your schedule is.” Ivanka Trump
If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times. Being a working mom is a tough gig because you have two full time jobs. Indeed, ask any stay-at-home mom, running a household is a full time job. Throw some kids and a job that has an entirely different set of responsibilities and you have a recipe for chaos, if you’re not careful.

And balance, can be elusive. Even those moms, like me, who have developed a system for success can have their balance disrupted by, little things. Some of those little things are really bad traffic, ripped seems, sick children and vacations.

Going on Vacation is Work.

Yes, vacation is a blessing, but it can throw the most organized working mom for a lurch.  Why? Because you have to work harder before you leave and almost as hard when you return. Preparing to go on vacation when you have small children is a major undertaking. In addition to packing clothes, you have to make sure everyone's clothes fit, and you have snacks.  And, you have to clean up when you get back. If you don't include preparation time and clean up time in your schedule, it can take weeks to recover!

Surprise flowers

Being Back from Vacation Has Been a Trip!

I returned from Disney World this week and it's been real! (I attended the Disney Social Media Mom Conference, in case you haven't heard...) I have experienced all of the struggles I mentioned and more. Yesterday a huge bee was flying in my office and I had to stand on my chair, spray it with cleaner, and kill it. (Cleaner drowns them and kills them quickly.) The bee was the scariest of it all, but I came out victorious.

I also scored the flowers above at the Go Red for Women luncheon, gratis. Talk about a score!!

All in all, it was a good week!

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