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The Cutest Pirate to Invade Disney World

Toddler at Disney

As you know, I was selected to visit Disney World and go on a Disney Cruise as part of an invitation only conference. (For more information, click here.) Here are some initial comments about my trip. Most people write about the characters,rides, and parades that make Disney magical. I won't lie, those are AWESOME and I'll likely share some specific thoughts about them. That said, one of the things that I think makes Disney special is that it takes the ordinary and makes it extraordinary...

Epcot, the place where face painting happens...

In the middle of Epot there is a man who can transform your sweet baby into a mean and nasty pirate! And you'll love it! You will marvel at how still your child is during that transformation. You may even fantasize about how that man should come home with you and administer his magic...daily--especially during the morning and at bath time. You  may consider making the man an offer to come home with you--one that he could easily refuse because...Bank Account. 

Your budget was blown by the trip you're on and affording a personal makeup artist aka "Baby Whisperer" is simply ludacris. Still...a girl can dream, can't she?!

And the toddler's enjoyment was priceless! He is still asking to be transformed!

Magic of Disney

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