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Working Mom Tip: How to Get Out of the Door Without Tears Each Day

A smile, the goal every morning

As you know, I work full-time as an attorney. I have done this the entire time I've been a mom. I actually worked right up until I delivered my kids. My colleagues and I are lucky I didn't deliver at my desk! So, I have been in the trenches. And, I have learned a great deal. One thing I have learned from comments to my blog and coaching is that many working moms--even those who "have it together"--struggle to get out of the door each day.

Working Moms Have to Create a Routine That Works for Them and Their Families 

I have learned that getting out of the door changes at each phase of your kids lives. I had one routine when I had one child and a nanny. After our daughter started preschool, which was across the street from our house, the routine changed. We were blessed with another baby when our daughter started kindergarten. This resulted in another schedule change because our daughter had to catch the bus an hour before preschool even started. That meant that our late to rise family had to become early risers, by default.

Then, our baby's nanny quit and the baby had to start daycare. So, we had two kids to get out of the door every day. And they both needed lunch...

I have learned that getting out the door when you have two small children is more than a notion!

Regardless of the phase of working motherhood I found myself, I have had one goal. "How can I get out of the door without anybody crying?" (me or the kids).  

Tips to Getting Out the Door Without Tears Each Day

  1. Be fluid and flexible: When you are dealing with young children, there are no guarantees. So, don't let things that truly don't matter unravel you. I read words on a blog once that changed my life, "Socks do not have to match."
  2. Shower Before Your Kids Get Up: Children change their minds, they have bad days, and sometimes they are not into getting up for the day. You will find that you are less stressed if you have showered before they get up. If you are truly motivated, put on all of your make up too. I often wait to do that because I like to take a walk in the morning. However, if you're leaving right after they leave put on your make up too.
  3. Plan: You can either lay out your kids clothes the night before or you can put them away as "outfits", meaning hang the clothes up in the closet the way you want the kids to wear them so that you can just pull an go quickly. Too much thinking in the morning tends to lead to mistakes...
  4. Pack Book Bag The Night Before: You will likely have to send things to your kids' school in their book bag--homework, notes, clothes. Make sure as many things as possible are in there the night before. Remember, you don't want to have to think too much in the AM. It's possible that you're kind of sleep walking through it because you didn't sleep well yourself the night before or are under the weather. 
  5. Manage Your Expectations: I have learned that most people get frustrated with their kids because they expect too much of them. Remember, they're your kids. So, if you're not a morning person, they probably aren't either! They deserve some compassion in the AM, and that might test your patience. Also, remember that young children are impulsive and don't have good memories. Waking a five year old up, going into her room and giving a list of instructions like, "Make your bed. Get Dressed. Make your bed. Go potty. Come downstairs." will likely result in you having a five year old coming downstairs in her PJs after having gone potty. She'll likely have a big smile on her face because she thinks she did what you wanted. 

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