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How a Working Mom Failed Picture day (#PictureDay)

A picture day from preschool when I had my act together

There was a time when I only had one child and she attended preschool across the street from our home that I had a pristine calendar that I followed. That included noting that picture day was coming up, preparing for it and even going to the school to participate in it.

Well this year, I slipped.
I forgot that our son’s picture day was on September 18th. So, he attended school in a t-shirt, in need of a haircut. However, he was of course wearing his ever-present smile. We’ll see how that turns out.

For my daughter’s picture day, I remember to dress her appropriately. I did her hair. She was able to wear it out as opposed to in a ponytail and her face was washed and lip balm was applied! Still, I failed. Why? I forgot to send money for the photos! Oh well, I can take solace in the fact that she will look darn good in the class photo!

Here is a link to a post from Picture Day 2013, I was so good back then!
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