Working mom, you deserve to enjoy your lunch!

Working mom's lunch

  • Being a working mom is hard work. So, we have to find daily treats wherever we can...

As moms, we are constantly trying to make sure that we meet the needs of others. And nothing punctuates that point more than meals.
Indeed trying to strike the right balance of healthy meals that are also enjoyed by young children and a husband can be exhausting. My children's taste run from the expensive and exotic--my daughter is all like, "Mommy why can't we have lobster everyday."--to the inexpensive and ordinary--my son is all like, "Mommy is macaroni and cheese its own food group and can I have it for breakfast lunch and dinner? No? Well how about hot dogs?

Lunchtime is a daily retreat for working moms.

One of the positive things about returning to work is that I get to eat what I want, when I want, for lunch. I don't have to collaborate, poll others, or even attempt to gain consensus. And although unhealthy, I could even have candy as a main meal without having to justify it to anyone. Sometimes, I even enjoy lunch with other grown ups and discuss sex, religion and politics. I am rogue like that. In a word, during lunch, I am unequivocally my own woman!!!