Spring Break Gratitude

A Middle Child Who Was Born to Shine!

A police officer, a dad, and a son

Our middle son has had a big year. He's become a big brother, relinquished his titles as "the baby" and "the boy" which has had him vying for the affections of those in the family who previously had eyes only for him--his parents and his sister. I have witnessed his growing pains, heard his cries, and experienced his tantrums. They all scream, "Notice me. I am here. I matter DAMN IT!" (the "damn it is implied... :-))

Moms Have to Give Their Kids What They Need

I try to let him know that he's as special as he always was by giving him cuddle time, lots of kisses and hugs and private outings like our recent visit to Thomas Town. Still, just when I worry --because I'm his mom--that he might not find his unique path, he shows me that he knows exactly how to command attention in a positive way and he's perfectly comfortable with who he is. 

He's carving out his place in this crazy family and  he's doing it with gusto. 

I am so proud of him!