Five Ways to Reduce Stress this Holiday Season

Holidays and Working Moms

Holiday commercials. Decorations. Running around everywhere. 

In the air, there’s a feeling of panic 

Deadlines passing. Children asking. Fearing disappointing everyone. 

And in every working mama’s heart you hear… 



It’s the holiday time again 



I promise you’ll get through it, phone a friend!  

(Sing the above with the melody for "Silver Bells")

Chatón Timmel @2022 

Moms, have you ever felt so overwhelmed by the holidays that they become more frenetic than fun? Well, this post is about how to manage everything without being overwhelmed. Spoiler alert, it is not about merely shirking your responsibilities like in "A Bad Moms Christmas". 

Getting through the holiday season without losing your mind!

First, let's be real. Being a working mom can be a bit much without having to manage the extra shopping, decorating and fashion obligations that accompany the holidays.

My daughter as a Nutcracker soldier 

Still, as moms, we are creating our children's memories every day and informing their opinions about work and motherhood. For that reason, I think we have a responsibility to show that we actually our lives with them, despite everything we have to do.

Let's be real. It can be hard to convey that enjoyment with. all. of the demands that our on our time and all of the things that are on our minds. And while it is important to ensure that our children understand that this journey as a human through life contains hurts, as well as joy and laughter so that they have a realistic understanding about life and are equipped for their own challenges. It is also important that we not communicated to them that they are responsible for our burdens and. they are not the cause of them.

Five Ways to Reduce Stress During the Holidays

"Reducing stress becomes easier if you intentionally pursue joy and happiness during the holiday season."  --Chatón Timmel

1.    Get Take Out When You Can. If your kids have a lot of activities at the beginning of the and your weekend was too busy to cook, get take out.

2.    Neutralize Your Obstacles, Even if they Are Family. Peace and joy are the emotions of the season. Give yourself the gift of both. If you and your spouse disagree about how to approach the holidays, how to manage the household and/or the color of the sky, don't try to resolve a year's worth of conflicts during the holidays. Take up yoga. Adopt deep breathing. Do whatever you can to enjoy the season in peace and without blow ups. It may require leaving the room when necessary. But it is totally worth it. 

3.    Do Something You Enjoy Everyday. One reason we feel overwhelmed is because we feel as our lives 
Family attending a holiday event

are full of obligations and devoid of pleasure. While I believe that a life of service is rewarding, most of us need something more. One way to get more is by infusing every day with enjoyment. As a mom of three, I understand that can be hard. However it is possible. The infusion may be experienced in short bursts--it might look like an extra five minute shower, drinking your favorite beverage, giving yourself a hand massage as you apply lotion or scrolling Instagram. Still, these bursts of enjoyment can be very effective at making your days more fun.  

Enjoy Your Kids. I have found that when I consider all of the things on my plate that may be contributing to my stress level, my kids aren't one of them. That may seem counterintuitive because the three of them are a lot of work. However, they compensate for the work by being funny, loving and amazing. Whenever I pause and allow myself to truly see them, I am reminded of the blessing and privilege that I have to be able to raise them. And, that reminder reinvigorates my gratitude. 

Outsource Everything that You Can. Outsourcing all the holiday obligations that you loathe will help you spend more time enjoying the holidays as opposed to enduring the holidays. This time of year is full of people who are trying to get your money by catering to you. Take advantage of it. Hate wrapping gifts? There are people who can do that for you. Detest grocery shopping? You can have people do that too. Are you seething at the thought of going to the Post Office to mail your Christmas cards? This is not 1995. You can outsource that too. You've seen the commercials. It's not just Kris Jenner who is doing that. I have been doing that ish for years. So, thank me, you may have applied your last stamp!

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