Easter Reminded Me of the Miracles That Are My Children

Greetings from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania! Things have been busy. I am still a working mom of three, working full time who is trying to make a difference. I do a lot of things and try to be present so that I can learn from them. I share them on this blog so that we can learn together. Below are some thoughts, hacks, and/or lessons that I have learned from navigating my world. Below is a tale of my road to becoming the mother of three. It was a road filled with joys and disappointments. However, I wouldn't giving nothing for my journey now. Here's to embracing every step of the journey, even the painful ones, and embracing the lessons learned along the way.

One Secret to Working Mom Success: Save Money When You Can (Inflation Money Saving Coffee Hack)

A post for coffee lovers and those who love them  

Inflation is high meaning things are more expensive and we're paying more to get less. And for some reason where it's hitting us the hardest is with eggs. My husband eats 5 a day and the kids and I eat 3-4 collectively. So, we're spending as much in eggs as we spend in our mortgage. And to add insult to injury, the Federal Reserve raised interest rates again yesterday! 
The interesting thing about inflation is this. It makes everything more expensive but it doesn't curb our appetites. So, what is a mama to do who wants to make prudent financial decisions and enjoy some treats?

Figure out ways to survive inflation and enjoy the same things but for less money.

Buying Coffee At 7-Eleven, A Money Saving Coffee Hack 

Even though coffee makers are plentiful and there has been a lot of research about the "Latte Factor". If you're not familiar with the "Latte Factor", I'll paraphrase it for you. These are my words not the words of the researchers, but it's fairly accurate. Basically, the "Latte Factor" is a concept that says, the reason people fail to maximize their financial goals is because they routinely spend too much money on coffee or other seemingly small expenses that diminish their investments. (to learn more about the concept, click here.)  I have never had a daily coffee habit. But hearing about that was life changing for me. 

That basically means that I am kind of cheap when it comes to daily pleasures! I have never had a habit of going out to lunch during the week, buying a daily candy bar or other treat, nor have I had a daily coffee habit. Still, I know that a lot of people, like my girl, Tiffany Noth, LOVE coffee. And, sometimes I NEED coffee. So, I am always looking for ways to save money and to help working moms.

Many working moms, like me, are dashing out of the house to take their kids to school and to make it to work on time. We either don't don't have time to make coffee, forgot to program our fancy coffee machine, or like me don't always have coffee because I am not a regular drinker.  One day, when I needed a pick-me-up, I found myself at 7-Eleven and discovered that I could get a freshly brewed cup of fancy coffee--an espresso, a latte, a flat white--if I wanted it they had it. And, it cost me less than $2.00. No, that is not a typo. 

I thought it was a fluke. I thought the coffee might be nasty. I thought the coffee might be cold. I was wrong, wrong, wrong! The coffee was amazing. It was as good as any snooty coffee house I've ever been in and the beauty was it didn't break the bank. So, if you love coffee and need to buy it, go to 7-Eleven! Let me know if you do!!! 

(And, if you are ashamed to carry around your 7-Eleven cup, just pour the coffee into your Yeti. Nobody will ever know!)

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