October Means "Stuff" Gets Real!

A Mental Health Break: A Perfect Moment in My Kitchen

My Kitchen


I like returning to a clean kitchen after work every day. When I do, I am able to start my evening more relaxed, as opposed to feeling like I failed in the morning and have something to address as soon as I walk in the door. Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee that this is what my kitchen looks like when I get home because I live with four other people and sometimes I leave the house first. When I leave the house first, chances are I shall return home to a kitchen in various stages of disarray because cleaning the kitchen before leaving the house is not a household value, it is just mine.

Fortunately, I have evolved to the point. that my happiness isn't dependent upon the cleanliness of my kitchen. Still... I decided to memorialize this moment when my kitchen was clean and I was happy.  For that reason, I shall gaze upon this photo whenever I need a reminder of what is possible!


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