The Working Mom’s Credo

As working moms we bear the burden of carrying our families on our backs. Indeed, this life is exquisite yet excruciating. Part of the reason it is so hard is because of the inequities at home and at work. While those inequities may make us weary, we can never give up.

One Secret to Working Mom Success: Invest in Things That Make You Smile


On the surface, working moms are measured by their poise. However, whether we are fashionable or frazzled, we are defined by how we navigate this precarious journey. What makes my journey precarious are my responsibilities and my own ambition. My responsibilities include my children, my husband, and my job. However, my ambition motivates me to do the best I can at each of those and also motivates me to give back to my community, invest in my career and to always contemplate, "Am I being the best me that I can be?"

That translates into this, I am always doing a lot and often thinking about doing even more!
When I was studying for the bar exam, a very precarious journey, I committed to doing something I enjoyed every day. At the the time, I was low on money and time. So, what it looked like then was making myself a nice lunch and watching a TV show I liked while I did it. Then, I ate lunch while watching TV. After that, I cleaned up and studied. I rinsed and repeated that every day. 

It taught me the importance of ritual. And, I've tried to apply it ever since.

One of the ways that I navigate this precarious journey these days is by buying fresh flowers, often. Fresh flowers make me smile and help remind me that all of my efforts are worth it.

I encourage you to identify what you enjoy and incorporate it into your life, no matter what. The ritual of it can help your endure the most difficult times--the times when things are hard, the times when things are made harder because of other people, and the times when you recognize that you are responsible for making yourself smile--I'm a witness!!!