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One Secret to Working Mom Success: Celebrating Milestones


I recently I realized that even though I'm a social media influencer who publicizes her life, I am not good about celebrating milestones. Instead, I am good at moving. I am constantly moving. I finish one thing and instantly start moving to the other. Sometimes I am moving to the next thing before I finish this first, without even catching my breath. 

It is as if I am afraid to pause, reflect, and celebrate the milestones because I might jinx myself. I know I am not alone in this. Every working mom I have spoken to secretly confesses that they are afraid to celebrate successes because they fear they might lose it all.

However, on the last day of school, I caught my younger son laughing, smiling and celebrating the end of the school year and it got me. It caused me to realize that we not only survived the last school year, we thrived, despite some challenges. So, today, despite my fears, I am going to mock the gods, take a chance and share our successes from the last school year. 

I don't share these successes to brag. I share them to inspire. Truthfully, If my family can win, yours can too. 

Here are some accomplishments from last year in no particular order

My younger son was on time for school all but three days.
My younger son mastered all of his preschool curriculum.
My younger son charmed his entire class.
Cool, personified...
My older son made his bus every day.  
My older son learned to play the cello. 
My older son played three sports.
My older son grew as an athlete and a young man.
My older son and daughter completed two semesters of a reading clinic at a local university.
My daughter grew as a dancer and a young woman.
My daughter made high honor roll every term.
My daughter was accepting into the National Honor Society for Dance Arts.
I continued my involvement in a beloved social club.
I traveled to Las Vegas to celebrate a friend's birthday
I was in a dear friend's wedding
I completed a half marathon.
I retained my promotion.
The kids and I traveled to Virginia Beach. with my cousin for Spring Break
Andre made it to the gym every workday. 
Andre and his sister started a party design company, Opulent Occasions

Finally, I continued to develop my relationship with all of you, which included a series on the secrets to success!