Advice to Employers: Please Create Policies Assuming All Worker Are Single

Me and my daughter Motherhood is harder than it needs to be. This is partially because of the inexcusable work/life policies in the U.S., but also because of our own outsized expectations. We are living in an age when the ideal mom is a mash-up between the helicopter mom, the corporate exec, and the earth mama — and there's just not enough high-efficiency, low-emissions biofuel to go around.  –Elissa Strauss,  Why I don't want 'mom friends' We just celebrated "Mother's Day" and honored mothers and other women who help make the world and our families a better place. Every year at this time, I think about what mothers really need to be successful and independent. I say, "independent" because developing policies and legislation that are premised on the notion that all working moms have supportive families and/or spouses is not in the best interest of working moms. Instead, Corporate America and Congress should develop policies and legislation that p

One Secret to Working Mom Success: Find Magic in the Mundane

Living My Best Life, With Tea

Happy Monday! I write a lot about milestone moments. And, to that end, I'll be writing about my birthday that I celebrated last week later. Today though, I'd like to make a few comments about the magic of the mundane in making life worth living. For me, one of the things that I like to do is to enjoy a cup of tea. (Sometimes, more than one.) 

It has been said that turning the daily grind into a source of daily joy is one secret to success. And, I believe it.

How Drinking Tea Makes Magic

I have come to enjoy heating the water, hearing the kettle whistle and seeing the steam come out. I take pleasure in selecting the tea that I will enjoy for the day. My favorite is a. dual combination, Tazo Green Ginger and Earl Grey. For the Earl Grey, I'm not brand specific. I take whatever is on sale and they all seem to taste just as good. 

My joy in preparing and drinking tea took on new significance during the pandemic when I was seeking normalcy. I realized that any day that I have tea, is better. It calms and soothes me. It helps me process stress. And, it just makes me happy. In some ways, it is surprising how much power tea has to give me hope. But it does. 

I used to question its power. However, now, I merely let the magic wash over me grateful that a simple ritual has the power to empower and encourage.

I encourage you to seek these type of opportunities for yourself. Vacations may be few and far between. However, you can live your best life every day if you learn to enjoy some of the mundane, daily tasks that comprise each day. 

What mundane task have you made magical?