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2 Life Lessons from Sex and The City

The “Sex and the Citymovie came out a couple of weeks ago. I saw the move premier week. However, I am just getting around to writing about the experience.
I am sure that most of my readers have seen the movie (except for maybe my friend Scott who is more interested in my political articles). While the movie may be old news, my memories are fresh. Also, my assistant just saw the movie last week. Talking to her reminded me of how much I liked it. So, I saw it again with my sister this weekend.

Most of Life's Problems Can be Solved with Friends and Cocktails

As I have confessed before. I’m a HUGE fan of the series and all that it represents—fashion, friendship, and fun. The show contributed to the depletion of the finances of many women who believed that life’s problems could be solved with handbags, shoes and cocktails! However, while it encouraged spending, it also encouraged loving and hope.
In the series, the love between the friends was always ever present. And their hope for finding the perfect man sprang eternal.

In true “Sex” fashion, the movie did not disappoint. It had men, malaise, and mayhem. It took me on a veritable emotional roller coaster. While fiction, the movie reminded me of some universal truths. Happiness will remain elusive without forgiveness. Forgiveness is impossible without a true apology and full disclosure. And, forgiveness can lead you to true love.
There were other "deep" messages; and, the characters experienced many challenged along their journey. However, throughout their struggles they remained fashionable. Even if handbags, shoes and cocktails can't solve your problems, they can help make the journey more enjoyable. And, if you have good friends, you have everything you need.
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