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The Walk of Shame "Retail Style"

When you shop as much as I do, you are bound to have engaged in a decent amount of scandalous retail behavior. As a teenager, I begged my mother for clothes in the store. I have tried on clothes in line. I have bought a party outfit on my way to the party. While somewhat unorthodox, these are not shameful activities. However, recently I witnessed the walk of shame performed with such finesse that I had to write about it.

A couple of weeks ago my sister and I were shopping when I saw a girl and a guy with whom we had been partying the night before. As I said hello, I realized that they were both wearing the same clothes from the party. Indeed, it was a Sunday afternoon and she was wearing messy hair, a cobalt blue shirt, a thigh high mini skirt, and a guilty grin. She handled the situation with style though. She simply looked me in the eye, winked and said, “girl, don’t even ask…”

While I hope that I am never forced to continue the party the next day without a shower, I had to give her credit. She was resourceful. She didn't allow something as mundane as going home to change or the embarrassment of being caught interrupt her flow. She simply bought a new dress, changed in the dressing room, and sashayed out of the store. Notions of shame were lost on her.

The scene got me thinking, perhaps we all need to have a little more fun and a little less shame. After all, we're all grown.

Still, I hope that she had some fresh undies and a tooth brush in her purse. I'm just saying... :-)
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