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My Quest for a "Big" Life...

Because of some recent blog entries, people have asked me whether I am seeking my own “Mr. Big”. That is a reasonable question. However, it is a misguided one.

Unlike Carrie, I don’t crave "Mr. Big". Instead, I crave a "Big" life. What I crave most is a life that defies gravity and convention. I crave a life that brings me happiness and satisfaction. I crave a life that feeds my soul and fills me with passion.

I love men. And I believe that the right man will enhance my life. Like salt, he will add flavor to those things that I already enjoy. However, he won't complete me. I’m no superwoman or raging feminist. I am just a woman who has learned that life is wonderful for its own sake.

Still, I shall continue to write about tales of men and romantic adventures. Romance is fun. The optimist in me believes that I shall meet the man who will end my quest. In the meantime, I shall enjoy the journey. If my Mr. Big comes knocking, I'll answer, but only to gain fodder for the blog. ;-)
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