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The Bachelor Made a Mockery of Love...

Anyone who reads this blog knows that I believe in true love. My belief fuels my soul and influences my decisions. For that reason I am completely disgusted with the outcome of the most recent season finale of “The Bachelor”. I was rooting for the Bachelor all season. Now I feel just like Charlie Brown. I was duped!

This season more than any other, the show made a mockery of love in the most obvious of ways. There was a single father in search of a life partner and a step-mother for his child. He proposed to one woman and then changed his mind a few months later. Not only did he change his mind, he regretted not proposing to another woman from the show. Then, he dumps his fiancée on national television. Moments after the break up, he is kissing the other girl.

I’m no expert on human relationships, but I don’t believe that this would ever happen. With stakes that high, a man would be sure before proposing. This outcome had to be all about the ratings.

This outcome illustrates the fallacy of the entire show. True love cannot be contrived. It ought not be fooled with. It cannot be earned. It just happens. You can discover it when you least expect it. In contrast, the show stands for the proposition that love can be orchestrated. For the show, the ingredients of love are exotic settings, good looks and a good résumé. You take those ingredients, mix them up with some expensive gifts and voilá love shows up.

I am a romantic at heart which is why I watched the show. I suspended my disbelief and decided to just be entertained by the romance of it all. Romance isn’t necessarily about love at all. Romance is about the story. And, I love a good story…

After the way this season ended, I can no longer believe. It was not romantic. It was insane. Too many factors make this outcome seem completely impossible. We all watch reality television knowing that the behaviors are influenced by the cameras and the editing enhances the drama. However, this outcome was different. They went too far this time.

I have to give credit to the producers though. They did their job. I invested two hours of my time watching the lives of perfect strangers play out on television. I witnessed agony, elation, and hope—even if all were feigned. And, I am more committed to creating my own love story. I promise you, that love will be real.

However, my own reaction to this show suggests that I should wait until I know where my relationship is headed before I share my love story on this blog. People are judgemental!
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