An Ode to Lip Balm...

We’re obsessed with lip balm. While walking through the airport recently I observed many passersby gliding a lip balm across their lips. After applying it, invariably they would purse and smack their lips. Then they would get this look of pleasure and satisfaction. It got me to thinking, what is this fascination with the waxy substance that comes in a tube?

After thinking about it a bit, I began to remember the times when lip balm was exactly what I needed to cure what was ailing me. On occasion, my own lips have been raw from over zealous licking and eating. After eating food seasoned with a lot of chili peppers my lips have felt like they were on fire! And running in the cold has left me with sore lips. It’s been a while, but I have been kissed so hard that my lips have to the point of near injury. In all of those situations, lip balm has come to my rescue by soothing my aching lips.

However, even when there is no pain, using lip balm can feel good. I obtained a new tube of lip balm at a recent charity event. I received it from the Panera Bread Company. I had to try it out immediately. And, I was not disappointed. It effortlessly glided across my lips. It smelled sweet. And, it gave my lips a hint of sheen.

Putting it on my lips reminded me that lip balm feels good. And, it’s functional. It also ensures that your lips are always ready… I completely understand the fascination. And, I am a believer. Pucker up!
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