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Eating my way to good health...

My health scare has completely changed my relationship with food. Like most women over age sixteen, I am generally watching my weight. I can recite the number of calories in everything from a Snickers Bar to a can Sardine with effortless ease—easier than I can remember my own age. However, infection wreaks such havoc on your body that it uses everything that it can to fight off of the infection—all available calories, fat, and muscle.

Being a smaller person who watches her calories like it’s her religion, I initially lost some weight. My physician instructed me not to lose any more weight during my last visit, which required me to adjust my attitude towards food. I have stopped looking at food as something to manage and viewed it as something to embrace, and to consume with enthusiasm.

In addition to my daily veggie burgers, fruit, and vegetables, I have been eating other things... I have enjoyed second helpings. I have also had a lot of carbs--dessert, waffles, pancakes, even French Fries with ketchup. If they make it and you can pour a condiment on it, I have eaten it!

Food has become my fuel and my friend. Even with my new enlightenment, I realize that it is incredibly ironic that I am eating a lot at the same time that bikini season is beginning. I hope that I feel like running again soon. Otherwise, my doctor may have other instructions for me!

Here's to good health!!!
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