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Being a couch potato is severely underrated...

My sofa seduces me as well as any man ever has. Every night I come home with the intention of being productive in some meaningful way. However, my sofa beckons and I heed the call. It is as if I am powerless to resist its charms.

It has turned me into a bit of a couch potato. Initially, I felt guilty, but now I willingly give in. I have concluded that laziness is severely underrated. Indeed, it one of the few things that has an immediate payoff—rest!

I'm social, but sometimes there is no greater pleasure than spending the night on my sofa. It is big. It is welcoming. And it is made of the most supple leather. After a long day, it embraces me, and I give in.

After work I come home, wash my face, and put on my pajamas. Then, I go downstairs sit down and lean into my sofa. I get the kind of reassurance that I’ve been craving all day. It envelopes me in the most intimate way. It gives me a soft caress, a place to lay my head, and relief from life’s troubles.

On my sofa, I am at home. I am safe. And, I am at peace.

I’d keep writing, but I am too busy getting seduced... :-)
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