The Baby Goes to Church…

Previously I wrote about an unsuccessful attempt by the baby and me to make it to church.

You’ll be pleased to know that we have improved our track record. Today was different. Today we made it!

It was as if the stars aligned. It was a bright, sunny day in Pittsburgh. The baby took an early nap and awakened in time to get washed and ready in time for the last service at the church around the corner. We still missed attending my family church across town, but I think that God is cool with that, even if my grandmother isn't.

Fortunately, the baby’s mother had the good sense to apply her make up and do her hair while the baby was napping. So, we both got ready rather quickly and off we went for our fix of word and worship.

I was quite impressed with us. We were present and accounted for and wearing nice dresses. We actually had a good time in church, for a while…

Now that she is on the other side of one, the baby has a new attitude. Actually, it’s the same attitude, she’s just more comfortable expressing it.

She knows what she wants. Generally, what she wants is to move!

During service we had very different agendas. So, I spent a lot of the service trying to convince her to stay in my arms. She spent a lot of time trying to break free from my hold. I let her get down once and she proceeded to take off her socks and put her mouth on the chair. YUCK!!! Germs are everywhere, even in God’s house.

She got into the service though. The music and the people really got her going. Unfortunately, she thought that the call and response portion of the service lasted for the entire service. Long after the pastor was seeking responses, she kept giving them to him. Perhaps they were her version of “Amen”???

Initially, the adult parishioners were slightly amused. In contrast, the baby behind her was incredibly amused. He joined in right with her. They were enthusiastic. They were happy. And they were loud. Perhaps they were having a religious experience incomprehensible to anyone over 1 ½ ! Those around us began to stare and made clear that whatever the babies were experiencing should be experienced elsewhere.

So I left service we enjoyed the service from the lobby. As luck would have it, there’s a glass wall and you can still see and hear the service. I was standing and my arms were tired. So I used the ledge for support and held the baby while she stood. Being able to see the service and not be able to participate was too much for her to take. She began to pound on the glass wall. Of course everybody turned and stared. It may just be me, but their looks seemed to say, “look lady get that kid under control!” Then the lobby usher came up to me and said, “You know they can hear her when she does that.” What a smart guy he is!

At that point, as if on cue, I saw a bunch of moms leaving the service with babies. I think all the babies revolted at the same time! All us moms silently packed up our strollers and left. Oh well, next Sunday is another day!
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