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Life of the Working Mom: Happy Hour

A few weeks ago a friend hosted a farewell event at a swanky, new restaurant in town. It started at 5:30 PM, the height of happy hour. When I read the email, I was game. I planned to arrive at 5:30 and stay for about 30 minutes or so.  That way, I could experience the festivities and get home before I ruined our nanny's Friday night plans.
I wore an appropriate day-to-night outfit to work. So, cool outfit--check! I was excited about going. So, intent to appear--check!

Did I actually have the fun time that I envisioned??? NO!

Work intervened.  My assistant was on vacation the following week. So, that Friday we tried to get as many things out as we could. I had been on vacation the previous week.  So, I had lots of emails that began, "Welcome back! Where's my...."  I grew to loathe the phrase "Welcome back!"

So, I had great planning, but poor execution.  I did get to wear a cute outfit though.  And, when I arrived home, the baby greeted me with a smile.  Then, I got on the floor and played with her, making it the happiest hour of my day!

I did get to have an adult beverage at 9:30PM after I put her to bed.  So, I wound up doing everything just not the way that I had planned.

Since I was foiled last time I tried to make Happy Hour tonight I am being creative.  I'm inviting my friend over for a drink and to watch the fireworks Pittsburgh is having for "Light Up Night".  I hope that she can make it! :-)

Here's to working moms!
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