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Wednesday Words: Baby Talk (speaking a language she understands)

Yesterday I wanted the baby to stop crawling in the direction she was going and come back me. We were in our great room, which is impossible to close in. Baby in living area with talking table and dinosaur toy, great! Baby in kitchen placing her hands all over the stainless steel refrigerator, not so great.

So, I called her name in my best mommy-in-charge voice and said, "Come here!" She completely ignored me in her all too frequent you-are-not-the-boss-of-me-despite-what-you-may-think-attitude.  She didn't even flinch!

So, half jokingly and half out of frustration. I started whining really loudly.  Don't you know she looked at me, broke stride, turned around and crawled to me! She literally crawled onto my lap and looked up at me.  I am not exaggerating.

Was it coincidence or did I stumble upon the secret that has eluded parents for generations?  Is it possible that in that moment, I decoded baby talk and what sounded like gibberish to me really meant, "Come here little baby and calm down" in a language that she understood?!  Probably not. 

Since this just happened last night, the jury is still out on why she came to me.  However, knowing my baby she probably just decided that the kitchen floor was a little hard and cold for her tastes and she preferred the soft warm rug.  A mom can dream though can't she?!

Stay posted though. I'll let you know if it worked!

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