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Most Mothers are Too Sexy For Pajama Jeans

When I was pregnant and on maternity leave I had a revelation, yoga pants are about the most comfortable thing ever made. I even thought that I could happily wear them every day. They were soft, stretchy and forgiving.  They did not restrict me and they never gave me a hard time.  They were not quite manna from heaven.  However, I was so grateful because they were there for me in my time of need.

Yoga Pants, A Pregnant Woman's Best Friend

Yoga Pants felt like wearing pajamas all day!

Although my brain was altered from all of the hormones I remembered what I was like pre-pregnancy.  I was flitting around in constricting skinny jeans and high heeled boots. And although I thought I looked pretty hot, that outfit was not nearly as comfortable as the yoga pants and matching shirts that I wore day after day after day while I was on maternity leave.  I thought that I had solved the fashion dilemma, I could be cute and comfortable!

After Having the Baby, You Should Start Wearing "Grown Up" Clothes Again

One day though, I had another revelation. I had three closets full of clothes.  (Don't judge me.)  And, if I didn't wear them again I would have wasted a lot of money.  I also realized that there is a reason that civilized people don't wear their pajamas in public.  Wearing pajamas in public just ain't civilized! (For you grammar hounds, the "ain't" is intentional...) It also ain't sexy.

During this revelation, the core of my being screamed out, "We want our sexy back!".  So although I was still on maternity leave I gradually started to wear my old clothes.  When I was able to fit into a pair of old jeans, I was estatic, even if they weren't the skinny ones. I felt like a regular member of society and I felt at least a little sexy.  I was on my way!

I think that Andre was happy too.  Even though he didn't say it, I think he was afraid that I was going to turn into one of "those moms".  You know the type that forgets who she used to be before the baby was born and morphs into a less fabulous version of herself? She wears sweat pants, yoga pants and mom jeans exclusively.  She never does her hair or wears makeup because she, "doesn't have the time".

It appears that one company wants to capitilize on moms needs for comfort and sabotage their quest for sexy.  It's the company that sells and markets "Pajama Jeans". 

Pajama Jeans Are Made for Comfort NOT Sex Appeal

Do not believe the hype.  "Pajama Jeans" are NOT jeans.  They lack zippers, aren't made of denim, and slip on like pajamas.  They have no structure.  Don't think that you have found the holy fashion grail where you can wear jeans and feel like you are in pajamas.  If you don't believe me, flip through "Vogue", "INSTYLE", or "Marie Claire".  I promise you will not see them advertised or recommended as the next best thing.  However, stay up late at night and you can find them on an infomercial near you.  It is clearly marketing to the tired, overwhelmed mom who might have snuck downstairs to get some ice cream or been woken up by the baby.  It beckons that mom and says, we have the solution for your fashion problems...

Moms, I beg of you, for the love of everything you hold dear, if your baby is older than four months old, just say "no"!!!!

Saying "yes" to Pajama Jeans, is like saying "no" to sexy.  It's like giving up.  It's like saying, "I am too lazy to zip my pants." "I simply cannot be bothered to snap my jeans."  It's like saying, "Wearing regular clothes is simply too much trouble." I don't think that anybody consciously wants to communicate those messages. 

I don't judge moms who haven't been able to get their pre-baby figures back.  Everybody's metabolism is different. And some people need more help than others.  I'll also share my weight loss tips with you in another post because I think that the average mom might relate better to how a 5'2" girl who works every day lost the weight as opposed to Giselle's story.

Regular Moms Can and Should Re-Claim Their Sex Appeal

However, to my fellow moms, they make regular clothes in all sizes.  If you need larger clothes, buy them.  Resist the urge to wear the ones that just stretch.  If you bought the "Pajama Jeans" or have been wearing yoga pants every day since your "baby" was born in 2006, declare, "I am too sexy for this life" and start wearing regular clothes again.  I promise you'll feel better.  And who knows, all that sexiness may lead to your next baby!

(BTW--If you want to buy one pair of the Pajama Jeans to wear around the house, exclusively, I won't judge you.  They did sound damn comfortable on that infomercial! :-)

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