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Lessons Learned from my Toddler

Like most moms I am convinced that my baby is blessed with mystical powers. She has been the most wonderful addition to both of our families.  It is as if we were all waiting for her to be complete and didn’t know it. Even though she does not speak English yet, and we are unable to understand her wonderfully melodic language, she has taught us quite a lot. 

Before she arrived I was quite capable of rushing through a day performing tasks without taking the time to have any serious reflection. Now, she makes me pause. It's hard to change a dirty diaper without paying attention! 
Also, the wonder with which she greets the world every day reminds me that it can be a magical place. She has also reminded me that every day is an opportunity to experience great joy.
On this particular Sunday while she is napping I am reflecting on things she has taught me.  Here are some of the lessons in no particular order.

1.       Banana can be a perfectly acceptable hair pomade.

2.       One sock is somehow better than two.

3.       Shoes are optional, and generally a nuisance.

4.       If you fall against an inanimate object, hitting and yelling at it makes you feel better.

5.       A more perfect world is only one nap away.

6.       Food off of someone else’s plate always tastes better.  It’s a fact.

7.       Sitting still is for losers. Climbing up the stairs repeatedly is where the action is.

8.       A kiss from someone you love can make everything better.

9.       Sometimes the package is just as much fun as the present.

10.   Every day is an opportunity to grow, learn, and laugh.
(The photo is from the playground. It looks like she's paying homage to Michael Jordan!)

Here’s to continuing to taking the time to reflect!
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