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Tis the Season for Christmas Cards!

Before I had a baby I generally sent Christmas cards. I think that people like them, but I don’t believe that there was any expectation by the recipients.

My cards were pretty. Sometimes I got them from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I selected them for their appeal and there messages.  They were nice cards.  A few even landed on my grandmother’s refrigerator affixed with a magnet. Still, if I skipped a year nobody seemed to care.

Apparently after you have a child things change.  The day after Thanksgiving my eighty-five year old uncle told my mother that he was looking for my Christmas card.

Now there’s pressure.

Last year I sent a photo card of the baby. So, I figured that’s what my uncle was looking for. In order to send a photo card I needed an appropriate photo. However, I had no budget. We hired a professional photographer for the baby’s first birthday party and had lots of photos from there. But with the damned Facebook those photos have been seen far and wide. I also have posted them on this blog. So, I can’t use them on the Christmas card.

So what’s a mommy to do?  Convince the baby that playing photo session is the next best thing to breast milk!

Despite my persuasive skills, as you can see from the photos, she was not convinced.   Like her mama, she has a mind of her own. And she found the props much too interesting to stay still. I couldn’t even bribe her to pose. And every time I had the perfect shot, the friggin’ camera would

Oh well, there’s still some daylight left. When she wakes up from her nap the "photo games" shall resume. I may just get the perfect shot and make my uncle’s Christmas dreams come true.  Here’s hoping!

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