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Oscar Fashions, Lessons and Angelina Jolie

I may never have Angelina Jolie’s money. I may never have her notoriety. And I know that I will never sleep with Brad Pitt.  However, after watching the Oscars I have decided that I am committed to trying to acquire her confidence.

A lot of people mocked Angelina after the awards.  But I was in awe. I admired her style. And I thought she was completely bad ass.  

That night she looked into the camera, cocked her right leg and said to all of us, “I am Angelina. Y’all better recognize!” And I had a serious case of confidence envy.

Sometimes I worry that my style, manner of communicating, and ideas might make others uncomfortable. When that feeling comes over me, I retreat. I become a little more quiet. I become a little smaller. I become a little less of who I am.

I have achieved some success, but this practice of “shrinking” has interfered with me living my best life. I have done this at work. I have done this in social situations. And I know that I did it when I was in front of Donald Trump during my “Apprentice” tryouts in 2006. That’s I was never on the show.  
Angelina seems to embrace who she is.  However, I think that there are other women out there like me.

I am not the only woman who is sabotaging her success by failing to embrace the fullness of who she is. For a lot of us, sometimes it is easier to blend in that it is to shine.
But I no longer want easy. I want to be strong. I want to be bold. I want the confidence embodied by Angelina the night of the Oscars. She didn’t stutter. She didn’t stumble. And she didn’t shrink.

I was inspired.

I may never be on the red carpet or present at the Oscars.  However, during my next presentation, I may just stick my right leg out!

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