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Sleep Deprivation and the Working Mom...

According to a recent article in the ABA Journal lawyers are the second most sleep deprived profession.  As a mommy lawyer and blogger with a toddler who is committed to living life with a sense of style I think that I am even more sleep deprived than the average lawyer they reference.

My daughter is seventeen months. Based on my conversations with other parents, as far as sleeping goes, she is a dream. Still, I struggle with getting enough rest to feel satisfied.  When I sleep enough, I sacrifice my writing, my house looks a wreck, and I tend to live life with a little less style.  I am a witness that it is really hard to be stylish when things are in disarray. You just can't pull it off with the same panache when you know that you have a mountain of crap in your car, your desk can't be found and you're recycling underwear by turning them inside out.  (I've actually never done that one, but I learned about that trick from another mom. I guess we all have our own hygeine limits. Thank God, mine remains higher than that!)

Even though my daughter sleeps well, living the type of life I want to lead and accomplishing my goals has left me with a bit of a deficit in the sleep department.  Still, I am respectful of my body.  When I feel like things are becoming too much, my couch knows what to do.  It rocks me to sleep with my laptop on the side of me and I get my rest. 

So far, it has been a great Tuesday. Let me go though. There are miles to go before I sleep!

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