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Friday Tip: Feeding Your Toddler

You may think that Kourtney Kardashian is a flake who got lucky and is now riding her Porsche to fame. You may be tired of all of the publicity that she and her family gets.  I apologize for contributing to the media madness.  However, Kourtney's opinions about feeding children healthy, homemade food are valid. 

All parents want healthy children and homemade food is a great way to keep your children healthy. In the interest of full disclosure, I gave my daughter Gerber's for a couple of weeks.  I never planned to feed her Gerber's at all. I did it because I got busy and didn't order a Baby Bullet to puree her food. Being a working mom presents more challenges if you don't plan well. And I do not excel at planning. Besides they do call it "Baby Food" so I tried to convince myself that it was OK.

Please don't judge me! The guilt nearly killed me. 

Feeding my daughter processed food was inconsistent with my goal for extended breastfeeding.  Natural milk and processed food seemed contradictory. So, I bit the bullet, bought a Baby Bullet and began making my own food. ( know what, it was fast, easy and she liked my food a whole lote better than Gerber's. Also, I didn't have to could stop being paranoid about whether her baby food had somehow been contaminated.

We have been rocking and rolling with the homemade food for the past year. Admittedly, it's easier now that she has teeth. Bananas are her favorite and also was one of her first words!

Anyway, enjoy this video. And try making your toddler's food. Take it from me, making your toddler's food from scratch is not just for celebrities. Regular, overworked moms can do it to.  And when you do it, be proud. You're doing something great for your baby's health.

Visit this site for some healthy recipes:

Rock on!

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