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Musings About Monday...

Monday was a good day, even if everything did not go exactly as planned.

I've been going through my magazines lately to get ideas for styling my clothes.  An article in "O, the Oprah magazine" reminded me that a lace pencil skirt is a great way to add some excitement to a work outfit. So, I picked out my black lace skirt that I bought at the Banana Republic Factory Store last year, a black crew neck sweater from a few years ago, patent leather garnet pumps and a black leather jacket. I was quite pleased with myself. I thought my outfit was better than the one put together by Adam Glassman in the magazine. 

So, I got dressed. I walked to my car with a pep in my step. I was slightly disappointed that I hadn't gotten a chance to apply my mascara at home, but I knew that I could quickly do it in the car. I wasn't surprised though. I keep an extra set of eye makeup in my car for days when I run out of time at home. I just have to remember to do both eyes. I almost got out of my car and went to a meeting with only one eye done. I am so glad that I saw my reflection in the window before dashing to the meeting. That would have been embarrassing!

As I was driving to the meeting I looked down and saw a small, light brown, on my skirt.  I knew exactly what it was--peanut butter and honey.  I have toast with peanut butter and honey nearly every morning.  It is a very tasty, but messy, breakfast.  Sometimes I accidentally get some peanut butter and honey on clothes.  Apparently, I had done so the last time I wore the skirt.


For situations like this, and because I am often thirsty, I keep a bottle of water in my car. I was able to use a little water to remove the peanut butter and honey.

I am proud to say that it worked perfectly. Also, I wasn't followed by a gang of bees all day either!

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