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Toddler Tales: Little People Need Little Things

One of the best shopping scores I made for my daughter was an arm chair.  I swear that chair is the best money that I have ever spent. Below is the tale of how I found the chair and how much she loves it.
Invariably when I shop I am drawn to the children’s section.  Shopping for the baby is sometimes more fun than shopping for me. Who would have thunk it?! As a lifelong shopaholic I had no idea that shopping could get any better. Anybody who’s looking for the ultimate shopping experience, have a kid! 
On MLK Day, my mother and I attended a celebration then we did a bit of shopping.  We went to Pittsburgh’s new Home Goods store. We’re doing our part to stimulate the economy one shopping trip at a time. Many things caught our attention. However, in addition to a few other things, we left with large quantities of Green Tea, some dish towels, a couple of lamps and the cutest pint sized arm chair you have ever seen.
My baby loves the chair. As soon as the chair came home it was like she felt like she belonged with us and wasn’t just a visitor in the big people’s world. She often enjoys her snack in the chair, watches videos or just sits there because she feels like it. It’s hers and she knows it. 
I think that these little things small chairs, putting snacks within reach and toys where she can get them helps foster her independence and give her a sense of belonging.  And although her mother is amazed by her independence she wants her to know that this is her home and she belongs right here with her people. I hope she likes us!
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