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Wednesday Words of Wisdom...

      "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have    
        imagined."    -Henry David Thoreau

As you know, during this time of reflection and redemption I have been focusing on achieving my dreams. I have also tried to identify my barriers to achieving those dreams. I realize that the barriers are largely of my own creation.

I wasn't born into privilege, but I was blessed to have parents who provided for my needs, including college and who are self sufficient.  I have the luxury of being able to focus on my own life and my own family.

I am also an attorney.  That means that I am more highly educated than most of the population. It also means that I know a lot of talented and educated people.  So why haven't all of my dreams come true?

I believe that I have the answer. I haven't achieved my dreams because I have failed to pursue them confidently. Instead, I have thought about my dreams, talked about my dreams, and imagined what they would be like. That's a start, but it is not enough.

I need to believe in my dreams. I need to believe in me. And, I need to stay focused. "Belief" and "Focus" may just result in all of the confidence I need. 

What do you think that you need to accomplish your dreams?

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