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Friday Tip: Find Your Spark and Hustle!

Yesterday, I attended Tory Johnson’s “Spark and Hustle”. It’s a program to help women entrepreneurs and to help other women start their own businesses. Tory’s personal story was inspiring.  I can’t possibly do her story justice, but here’s the summary. She dropped out of college to become a news reporter, at some point got laid off and still managed to have a family make her professional dreams come true. 

You might even say that Tory achieved what Anne Marie Slaughter said was impossible in her Atlantic article.  Tory Johnson "has it all". The wonderful thing is that her personal mission is to help other women do the same.   
She pointed out that most the reasons that people identify for not succeeding in business are excuses. She lacks a college degree and still has a successful business and a deal segment on “Good Morning America”.  She pointed out that the person with the most degrees is not necessarily the person with the brightest future.  Success is a function of action.

She also shamed us.  She said that “the magic doesn’t happen in the dreaming phase. It happens in the doing phase.” She told the familiar story of certain friends who have the perfect wedding planned. They have selected the names of their kids. They have also identified what neighborhood they’d like to live in with their husband. However, they aren’t dating anyone, aren’t looking to date anyone and never go out.  If they proceed on that path their happy ending will likely remain a dream unless they get super lucky.  But you can’t take luck to the altar or to the bank.

Tory reminded us that we need to “adjust for reality”. The moment will never be perfect. We will never have enough time. We will likely never have enough resources. And our children may not ever be the quiet, obedient kind.  (Actually, Tory didn’t say that thing about the kids.  That one is all me!) She made me realize that all of us are in the same boat.  The difference between Tory Johnson, Kris Jenner, Bethenny Frankel, and Oprah is that they believed in their dreams enough to take a chance and you and I are still dreaming.

In essence, Tory issued us a commandment, “Find your spark and hustle to make it work!” In some ways I have two sparks, a project at work that hasn’t taken off the way that I would have liked yet and this blog. I owe it to myself to see how successful I can make each of them.  Each are doing reasonably well but how awesome it would be if I could make them great?! 

Stay tuned as I continue to share my journey.  Until next time, "Carpe Diem"!

Me and my new very tall friends! (NOTE: I am wearing very high heels...)

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