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Mommy Mondays: Preparing for Halloween

I consider sunny days in Pittsburgh akin to holidays. Today was a sunny day in Pittsburgh and I was thrilled! I greeted the day by seeing our jack-o-lanterns. They made me smile because I remembered our impromptu “Pumpkin Party” from the night before.
Andre loves enjoying the moment, which helps to make my life even sweeter. On Sunday after our run, he declared that we would be carving pumpkins in the evening.  He called our families and told them about the pumpkin carving plan and invited them to join us.  Because we were expecting a crowd, we had to prepare food for them. So, in an instant, our Sunday turned from relaxed to hectic, but it was so much fun!
Below are some photos from our visit to the pumpkin farm where we selected our pumpkins. I'll post some photos of the Jack-O-Lanterns soon!
Reflecting on my Sunday made my Monday a great one.
How are you getting ready for Halloween?!

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