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Five Tips for Avoiding Weight Gain During the Holidays (#TeamJenny)

There are a lot of tips for avoiding weight gain during the holidays. Some from Jenny Craig, Bethenny Frankel, and my years of reading weight loss articles are listed below:

1.      Drink H20:           Drink 16 oz. of water an hour before dinner. It will fill you up.
2.      Volumetrics:      Fill your plate with mostly greens. You will full your mind into thinking that you’ve eaten a lot, but avoided lots of the calories associated with calorie laden foods like stuffing and macaroni and cheese.
3.      Diet:      Go on a diet a week before the holidays. That way, you’ll start the holiday season with some weight loss. Then, it won’t matter if you gain a few pounds.
4.      Abstain:               Avoid alcohol. Alcohol falls in the “empty calories” category. That means that you consume calories without any nutritional benefit. That means you still have to eat to get your nutrients.  Empty calories + Nutritional Calories = More than you need.
5.      Exercise:              Exercise before you eat.  The rationale is that you’ll avoid over consumption because you know that you have worked hard to have your rock hard body or at least your fit mommy body.

Chasing a Toddler Can Help You Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

This past Thanksgiving, here’s how I managed to have my cocktails and drink them too, chase after a toddler during dinner.  

On Thanksgiving, I cooked two dishes to share, went for a run, and then spent most of my dinner chasing my toddler. Somehow I missed having dessert, didn’t eat much turkey and avoided the specialty dishes that I planned to have.  When I went to sleep on Thanksgiving evening, I was starving instead of stuffed.  I was actually a little mad. It was too late to eat. However, I ended the biggest food holiday of the year with an empty belly!
I am quite certain that my tip will not appear on any "official" lists. However, I bet my friends with toddlers can relate.  Toddlers have a way of changing the most well laid plans.  Besides, I am sure that there will be plenty of overindulgence in my future.  Until then, I will rock my skinny jeans throughout the holiday season!    

Tips for Avoiding Weight Gain During the Holidays

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