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Arts and Crafts, Toddler Style

While we have an iPad, iPod and lots of DVDs (Barney, Elmo, etc.) Our mothers are educators so we also like to have our daughter engage in more traditional play time activities.  In addition to her videos and elctronic games, she likes to run, jump, and play at the playground. She also likes to make things.

Arts and crafts are great for kids...

We have learned that arts and crafts are the secret to occupying our toddler. And she has learned at an early age that it's not always the quality of the art project that matters, it's the fun you have during the creative process.  We have learned that some projects are best done with as little clothing as possible.  Hopefully, the toddler doesn't try to apply this lesson when she's a teenager...

Painting is a perfect craft project for a Two Year Old!

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