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READING ON THE RUN: Is Flexible Work a Mere Memory???

There has been a great written about this past week about Marissa Mayer, the CEO of Yahoo.  Last week, Yahoo anounced that they have re-evaluated their policy on working remotely. They have concluded that the company is better served by having employees appear in person in the office so that they can benefit from having impromptu meetings in the cafeteria and other benefits that come from face time.
Most writers, including me, have been critical of this move, which has been described as "turning back the hands of time", "setting the women's movement back" and "incredibly out of touch". 

Below are articles about this hot topic, including one that I wrote for "Parent Society". Please comment and let me know your thoughts.

This evening I appeared on PCNC "Night Talk" with Ellis Cannon to discuss this interesting topic. If you missed the show this evening, it will air again at 2:00AM and at 5:00PM on March 1st.
"Marissa Mayer — A Man in Woman’s Clothing?"

"Marissa Mayer’s decree at Yahoo!"
“Marissa Mayer backlash: Much ado about nothing?”
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