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Toddler Tales: True Confessions of an Injury

Memories of a most traumatic evening...

Imagine, blood all over the floor after an encounter between a glass, my daughter's toe and the bathroom tile. It was worse than it looked. However,  there  was screaming and crying. Then, she yelled, "I gotta go!" And proceeded to urinate on the bathroom counter. She was sitting there with her foot under the faucet to stop the bleeding. Then she put her bloody foot in the urine, which likely stung, and that led to more screaming. I was home alone because her father has been renovating his parents' bathroom for two months. It was not a pretty sight and I was scared.

After the fear wore off I was mad and of course blamed her father...

Fortunately, God protects fools and babies. He also looks out for sleep deprived mommies. The toddler's injury has recovered and she is continuing to run, play and jump!

In case you were wondering, I have forgiven her father. I've even been known to snuggle with him again.

And as of the date of this post, the bathroom remains a work in progress.

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