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Reading on the Run: Topics of Interest to Working Moms

Being a working mom is hard work. I’ve devoted this blog to discussing the topic and there are lots of other commentators speaking about this topic. Recently, there have been some articles that discuss the challenges of dealing with the pressures of working full-time and raising a family. Interestingly, writers have had divergent thoughts about on the topic. Several months ago Sheryl Sandberg asked working women to "lean in" to success and commit to having it all. Lately some women have written about why they don't believe in leaning in, others are lobbying for flexible work and still others are trying to teach women how to stress less at work.
From my perspective, women are just starting to understand what true choice is about. Working moms should have choices between whether to stay-at-home and whether to work. However, the discussion of working is complex. As a full-time working mom I can tell you that this journey is filled with landmines--compromise and guilt. 
I know that these landmines could be neutralized if corporations approached the matter differently.  In recent weeks , I'll be sharing articles that describe the various proposals that people have to transform the lives of working mothers. Trust and believe, I am on board with anything that would make our lives more balanced.  We can debate the proposals together.

3.  "It's National Flex Day. Do You Notice Where Your Employees Are Working?,  


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