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Most Working Moms Find Snow Days Challenging, but not Bethenny Frankel (#enoughalready)

I read this tweet by Bethenny Frankel the other day. “Snow day” followed by three exclamation points suggests that she was happy about it.  I love Bethenny, and I also come from a "place of yes".  However, the enthusiasm with which she made this Tweet reminded me that even though she thinks that she like the rest of us working moms she is not. 

This Winter Has Been Long and We Are Over It

This winter has been cold and long, even though it’s only the first Monday of February.  And the average working mom has lost her enthusiasm for snow days.  Indeed, she has come to despise them. Working moms cleave to their schedules like a starving man cleaves to a loaf of bread.  And this bad weather has made life unpredictable.  The snowy days have been interrupting her work schedule, depleting her PTO days and made it nearly impossible to plan anything.  Indeed, controlling the weather is completely out of her control. Since most working moms are control freak. It’s been truly maddening!

In Pittsburgh, this week alone school has been very disruptive. We have had snow followed by sleet followed by rain followed by frigid temperatures.  Since the beginning of January it has been a crap shoot whether the children will have school and whether it will start on time.  And we are totally over it. Between the school delays and cancellations, it’s really put a wrench in our schedules! (Our toddler’s pre-school is through Pittsburgh Public Schools. So, whatever they decide impacts our lives.) This morning Andre acted like they delayed school just to make his life hell.  Since I teach class at a local law school on Wednesday mornings, I’m limited on Wednesday mornings.

There are Many Snowy Days to go Before We Get Relief.

This would be a grand story if the weather had cleared.

However, the end is nowhere in sight. It has continued to snow today. And, we are in for even more snow over the weekend. On the bright side, the bad weather has allowed us to have more family time. However, God, if you’re listening, we don’t need bad weather to spend time together. Promise!

(And for everyone else, including my girl Bethenny, I say screw snow days. In this house, we are completely over them. So, bring on Spring!)

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