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A Peek Into the Life of Working Mom: Fatigue and the Working Mom

A few weeks ago a friend who just returned from maternity leave made a confession. She said that she has taken the “sleep when the baby sleeps” advice literally.  Indeed, since she had her second child she has been going to bed with the kids at night, leaving her husband to fend for himself to watch “late night TV”.  For her, “late night TV” now starts at about 9:00.  After she shared her story, we shared a laugh and I told her that I tend to go to sleep when my daughter too.

Apparently, what the two of us find amusing may not be appreciated by our handsome men. Here’s an excerpt from a conversation between Andre and me from the other day.

Me:        “I’m tired.”

Him:       “You’re always tired.”

Me:        “Hmm…you know I’m pregnant.” (subtext, you really should know because I’m huge, waddling around, and you are RESPONSIBLE!!!)

Him:       “You were tired before your got pregnant.” (said casually)

Me:        “Before I got pregnant, I was lactating.” (seething, happy we were talking on the phone, but secretly wishing that he was close enough to hit...)

FYI I found that extended breast feeding was a great form of birth control.

Him:       “Uh, yeah…before you were lactating you were menstruating. It’s always something with you girls.” (said matter of factly)

Me:        laughter (On the one hand, I was offended by the sexist slant to his comments. On the other hand, I was overcome by the honesty. I felt like I had gotten a peek in to the mind of men.)
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