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Tune in Today: "The Resilience Think Tank" For Tips to Reduce Stress

I've known Dr. Deb Gilboa for years. And, she constantly impresses me with how she views the world, shares her vision and manages her life. In a word, I admire her and when she asks, I say yes! For these reasons, I was honored when she asked me to join a conversation with thought leaders to have a conversation about resilience. I learned long ago that resilience--not intellect, not money, not connections--is the secret to success. To learn more about why I think that and for tips to reduce your stress, tune in today to "The Resilience Think Tank". You will find more information below.

 The Resilience Think Tank

Are you facing change in your work? Looking for ideas, strategies, resources to improve your approach or change your stress level?

Please join me, Matt Sheehan and Greg March as we talk with @Deborah Gilboa on The Resilience Think Tank. We’ll discuss the ways we each, as leaders, think about and approach change.

This is a chance to move the needle on how we get the life we want and do excellent work while still protecting our own and our peoples’ mental health.

When? Tuesday, Jan 31st 12:05-12:50p EST. Where? Zoom

Sign up here and I’ll see you there! https://bit.ly/3H66ZDN

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