October Means "Stuff" Gets Real for Working Moms!

Enjoying the last days of September

I read something on Instagram that said that September lasted like two days. It totally felt that way. September is a transitionary period. However, October has entirely different expectations. In September you can be all like, "School just started that's why I'm a wreck" and you'll receive forgiveness and understanding. In October, people expect you to have the school thing figured out. 

You see the judgement in their eyes. It says, "You're late again?! Get an m'fing Outlook calendar and get with the program!"

So, for you mamas who have been coasting and basking in the grace of other people's understanding. I am here to tell you that you have reached the maximum allotment of it. Now that October is here, folks are collecting receipts and they will be presented to you if you forget that you were supposed to bring that "special snack" for the classroom.

If you don't want to be judged, take my advice. Get your s--t together in October! :-)