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Emergency Room Trip With Baby

I had to add a few words.  Anybody who knows me knows that I've never been without words in my life.  Despite my intelligence, some have questioned whether I even understand the concept of silence.  Trust me, I get the concept, I just don't like it very much!

Seriously, I know that I am totally biased, but I think that my baby is pretty darn cute. Besides that, she's funny, strong, and pretty resilient, especially given an injury she endured on Sunday.  Let's just say that she had an unfortunate incident with another child's teeth, resulting in a terrified mother and a trip to the Emergency Department. YIKES!!!

Theses photos are of happier, less stressful times when she was a happy unscarred little girl.  Trust me, she's healing nicely and will be no worse for the wear.  I am different though.

Motherhood is Humbling

I was humbled and enlightened by the experience.  I was humbled because I finally appreciated that despite my best intentions, I may not be able to protect her from everything.  I was enlightened because I have decided, despite my new found humility, I will be ever vigilant about protecting her and ignore those who say that I am overprotective.  When I was overprotective she wasn't bleeding profusely. #IJS. 

That being said, I was reminded that even though I am blinded by her cuteness. That doesn't matter much.  I am just honored to love her every day.  And even though I didn't think that I could love her more, I actually think that I do.

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