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A Peek into the life of a Blogger Mom: A Trip to the Beauty Shop Worthy of Reality TV

This is just a quick post about my trip to the beauty shop last week. I am convinced that they need to do a reality tv show about a beauty shop. I am amazed at the sights and sounds every time I visit the beauty shop. I get to see women who have divergent ideas about beauty, childrearing, and politics. I also get to laugh.

I'm not talking about a show like "Jerseylicious" that is about stylists and has some beauty shop scenes. I am talking about a show just about the shop. It could be a video camera set up in the corner of a shop that is just a live feed. Doing that for a week would portray the full spectrum of human emotion, might lead to resolve the healthcare crisis, and could very well lead to world peace. Last week, the question DuJour was whether it's possible to love more than one person simultaneously. The opinions were diverse. Some believed that it was impsossible to love more than one. Others believed that loving two people was possible, but loving more than that indicated that you were confused and " just loving everybody!" I don't recall who posed the question or why, but I do recall the passionate responses! My response? Wouldn't you like to know!

The conversation even led to very amusing tales by one patron who works in a halfway house. She told us about one of her co-workers who had been recently fired for sleeping with an inmate. She told us about an inmate whose grandmother was bilking him for money. My favorite tale was about the inmate who fell in love and got married while living in the halfway house. I'm a sucker for love, but I couldn't figure out how he found time to develop a relationship while he only had 12 hours free a day. I also really wanted to meet the woman who found him so appealing! Being entertained while getting my hair done is a treat. Also, my stylist is talented.

On my way home I was excited and felt more beautiful. Later that evening Andre looked a me and said, That's how I like your hair 'regular'." Perhaps on his planet "regular" means "great". A girl can hope!
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