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Toddler Tales: Story Time Ain't Always Easy

I've been an avid reader nearly my entire life. And it has served me well. Watching the NBA Playoffs has made me marvel at how the players are getting paid to do something that they have loved their entire life.  They also get to use a skill that they began cultivating as children. I was an early reader. As a lawyer, I read a lot. Hmm...perhaps I have more in common with LeBron James than I ever thought!

Back to my reading discussion...

My parents were strict growing up, and my books served as an escape. I may not have been able to attend parties and hang out at nightclubs and diners in high school, but the heroine's in my books did! Through books, I learned about the world. I also learned about people. It's probably no surprise that I have shared my love of reading with my daughter.

At 20 months, she often sits in the corner, or in her cute chair, and reads to herself. Sometimes the book is upside down, but she is convinced that she understands what is going on.

Our nanny reads to her as well. She also takes her to story time at the library and other toddler friendly places. And every night, we end my daughter's day with two stories. Generally, she sits contently on my lap and listens to the story. However, she is only 20 months. So, sometimes she gets distracted and wanders around the room instead of listening to the story.

When this happens, I try reading louder. I try becoming more animated. I try making eye contact with her. I try doing anything I can to make her more interested in the stories than she is in her toys. Sometimes my efforts work and sometimes they don't. For that reason, I was happy to receive an article from the "What to Expect" site that included tips on how to get toddlers to stay still while reading to them. It had some good suggestions. So, I thought I'd share in case your little toddler likes to wander during story time too.

Toddler Reading Tips,


To learn more about the benefits of reading to your child, check out this video clip discussing the importance of reading

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