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Valentines Day and the Working Mom

Valentines Day is a day for lovers, but as working moms do we have time for romance?

Being a Working Mom Can Complicate Romance

Everyone remembers the unfortunate but relatable scene in the First "Sex and the City" movie where Miranda and her husband Steve were undressed having "relations" and he asks to change positions and she says something like, "Can't we just forget it done already? We have to get up for work in like four hours?!" Needless to say, the mood was broken and that was the end of the "relations".

Later in the movie, she explains to her friends that she is often too tired too have relations and is generally too busy with working, mothering, play groups and taking care of aging parents to even care. In a word, her life was interfering with her love life and the romance in her married was dead. It took an affair, marriage counseling and almost losing her marriage to make her realize that she didn't want a dead, loveless marriage, she wanted one that was alive!

It's a common story, you get overworked, overtired and feel under supported and the first thing to go is romance.


This Valentine's Day Make Time for Romance

I'm not going to ask you what's going on in your household. As my grandmother would say, "that ain't none of my business." Instead, I am just going to give you a word of encouragement. If you're a working mom and are generally too busy for romance, pause today and get your grove back.

Today is for lovers and you used to one of them--that's how you got pregnant in the first place. So, put the kids to bed early, pop open a bottle of wine, put on some slow music and remain open to the possibilities. Work will be there tomorrow, but tonight is time for romance!


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