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Fashion Missteps and the Working Mom...

I have a lot of clothes. Most were purchased back when I was a “hot” chick—before Andre and before the baby. Truth be told, if I hadn’t been such a hot chick I may not have snagged Andre. Who knows about that? Knowing him, he didn’t even notice my clothes. While I would be much further along with the baby’s college fund if I had fewer clothes in my closet, I would have had much less fun.

Fashion is an exercise in creativity.

At the end of the day, fashion is an exercise in creativity and my clothes are my paint brush.

Sometimes though, because of my sheer volume of clothes, shoes and accessories, I get overwhelmed or make a fashion mistake.

Once I bought a pair of black boots nearly identical to a pair already in my closet. Granted, the second pair gripped my calves better than the first pair. Still, had I remembered that I had purchased the first pair I would have saved my money.

OK, that’s probably not true. I would have probably bought something else. Before Andre came along, I had free time and it seemed like money was burning a hole in my pocket. Since the baby has been born it seems like money is flying out of my bank account with rapid speed. Ironic, isn’t it?!

Another fashion mistake I sometimes make is putting together a less than stellar outfit at an inopportune time. In the interest of full disclosure, I am generally well put together. However, sometimes I don’t look quite as good as I’d like. When that happens it bothers me.

Moms like to be fashionable too.

On Wednesday I met a colleague who is very fashion forward for dinner at a trendy new restaurant in town. We had a great time—great food, great conversation, drinks bought for us by some very nice gentlemen. However, I was disappointed in myself that I hadn’t worn an outfit befitting that occasion. I experimented with an outfit in the AM, a three piece pantsuit. I thought it would play well at meetings, but for it didn’t play that well for a night out.

Today, I am wearing a fabulous outfit. It is trendy and work appropriate. It is properly accessorized. All day have been thrilled to pieces about it! But to what end? Wouldn’t you know I had no highly visible meetings today, no interactions with my chic colleagues, and no after work engagements.

As a Working Mom Who Wants to be Fashionable, Often You Do Everything Right, Just Not at The Right Time...

Such is the life of the working mom. You do all of the right things, but not always at the right times.  Maybe if I picked out my outfit the night before I'd hit more home runs at the right time?  I'd love to do that, but somehow I always wind up falling asleep on my couch!

In some ways I’d say that I wasted this outfit. Hopefully, I remember how cute it is and wear it at the right time again. Until then, I am getting ready to leave work to spend time with my baby. Since she is my child, I think that she’ll appreciate the value of a great outfit!

Unless I have something I can’t wait to share, I’ll connect with you next week.

Have a great weekend!
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